Classical Music Sound Book for Babies with Melodies Mozart | Fresh New Batteries Included. Educational Toys Ages 1-3. Baby Books for one Year Old. Toddler Musical Book. 1 Year Old boy Girl Gifts

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Classical Music Sound Book for Babies with Melodies Mozart | Fresh New Batteries Included. Educational Toys Ages 1-3. Baby Books for one Year Old. Toddler Musical Book. 1 Year Old boy Girl Gifts
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  • EASY, FUN, GREAT TO HUM ALONG: Read, listen, and hum along as Ditty Bird plays your favorite classical music materspieces. The electronic push button on every spread triggers one of the six much-loves masterpieces. The beautiful and colourful images will hold your baby’s attention even longer. Includes: Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Vivaldi.
  • EDUCATIONAL & DEVELOP SKILLS: Some experts believe that listening to classical music can make a baby healthier, smarter, and happier (also called “The Mozart Effect”). And our six engaging music buttons help in development of the fine motor skills, as little fingers look for them. The easy to turn pages and simple layout promotes manual dexterity, and early reading concepts. It also promotes lap time, bonding and helps to build relationship with your little one.
  • YOUR BABY DESERVES THE BEST: Our fantastic chunky sound books for toddlers are designed to appeal to inquisitive little fingers and outlast even the roughest toddlers! Parents and children alike will be enchanted by these charming Ditty Bird interactive and learning toys which are distinguished by the exceptional quality of the tunes, and colorful illustrations featuring your new friend Ditty Bird.
  • PERFECT GIFT: These interactive musical books make great gifts for one year old boys or girls. Baby Shower. 1 year old Birthday. Suitable for infants to toddlers. Perfect board books for 1 year old. Once a child has a love for reading, it is a lifetime gift! A Registry and Gift-Giving Favorite!
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS TOP PRIORITY: We guarantee hours of fun! Our products come with a 1 month 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied for any reason, return your book for a full, instant refund. Buy now while supplies last.
The Ditty Bird book series includes 5 beautifully illustrated singsong books for babies and toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years. Every interactive book features lovable, Ditty Bird, your little one's new best friend who loves to sing little ditties and invites all children to sing along while exploring dazzling pictures.

Easy and fun, Ditty Bird features a fantastic range of musical board books designed to appeal to inquisitive little fingers. Enjoy vibrant, colorful imagery on easy-to-turn pages while discovering classic children's songs with Ditty Bird leading the sing-along.

Each sound book features 6 images with 6 push buttons that play nursery rhymes, children's songs, classical music, farm animal sounds, or musical instrument sounds. Playing with the music buttons allows your child to have fun, be fully engaged with the illustrations, build early language and fine motor skills, and develop an appreciation for music. The books also help promote auditory development, giving children a head start for school.

Ditty Bird makes a perfect gift! New parents will cherish the time they spend bonding with their young ones while pushing the sound buttons and singing along to the sweet, classic tunes. Designed to be durable, these books are a great addition to every baby , kids book collection and make ideal first books.

- Ditty Bird Electronic Book Series
- Push Buttons Play Classical Music
- Batteries included