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Vitchelo Silicone Waterproof Swim Pool & Bathing Cap for Adult Men Women Kids Junior Boys or Girls by Competition Sporti Olympic Swimming Caps That Keep Hair Dry - Thick & Short Hair Rubber Swim Hat

Vitchelo Silicone Waterproof Swim Pool & Bathing Cap for Adult Men Women Kids Junior Boys or Girls by Competition Sporti Olympic Swimming Caps That Keep Hair Dry - Thick & Short Hair Rubber Swim Hat
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  • WHILE OTHER SILICONE SWIM CAPS leak, don't fit all head shapes nor stay on, torn apart after just a few use, are very thin or display uneven thickness, the Vitchelo Swimming Caps are flexible, surprisingly stretchy, and fit any sized head and around the head without wrinkles. Thicker than latex, the waterproof bathing cap keeps hair dry, allows you to move more quickly and fluidly through the water and helps reduce the damage that chlorine and other pool chemicals may cause to your hair.
  • PRACTICAL & VERSATILE - Designed to reduce hydrodynamic drag and improve mobility, our sporti swim cap will be particularly attractive to competition lap swimmers, Olympic athletes or professional doing a triathlon, aqua jogging and other forms of water exercise, and those who seek comfort in a watertight swim hat that doesn't snag or pull hair. From 8-year-olds to youth kids, junior boys and girls to adult men and women, our swimcaps will bring you peace of mind and keep you self-sufficient.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC & ATTRACTIVE - Sporting durable, long lasting colors (black, blue, purple, dark blue, red, orange, yellow, green and silver) for top performance in the water, our silicon swim cap is more than just a fashion statement. It has been designed with a refined fit to stay in place for your entire workout, helps avoid allergies caused by latex counterparts, provides precision wrinkle-free fit for reduced drag and tear resistance, increases speed and will last for years with proper care.
  • MADE WITH PURPOSE, MADE BY US - Priding ourselves in providing you with “just right” headgear and swimwear, we've designed, tested and built this swimming hat to be comfortable, practical, thick, versatile and deliver instantaneous protection, like no other pool cap or headwear. Try it in the backcountry, on your favorite hiking trail, camping trips, in your pool and tuck your strands in the rubber swim cap to keep hair dry at bath time or when swimming.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Covered by our manufacturer 60-day money back guarantee & LIFETIME limited WARRANTY, we're confident our swimcap will enhance your outdoor experience and feed your insatiable appetite for a swim. Unisex, our swim hats are cheap and, when you buy today, you'll be giving CLEAN and SUSTAINABLE WATER to children, ladies, and man, in Bolivia through our strategic partnership with Agua Yaku. Watch the "Related Video Shorts" for in-depth reviews, then get or gift one.

While this simple piece of equipment is not required to swim, a swimming cap can help you feel more comfortable in the water and also more confident about your swimming.

And for the kind of endurance, concentration, and ease that is required for underwater swimming, these silicone caps are just the thing. They are built and designed to reduce drag, engineered to resist tearing, provide long-lasting color, and are ideal for casual use, competition and training.

Among other benefits, they will keep your hair dry in the water, warmer in cold water and provide maximum comfort alongside a streamlined shape to reduce resistance in the water!

The silicone swim cap is suitable for adults, ladies & teenagers due to its one size fits all construction, and its bright colors make it easier for officials and rescuers to spot them in open waters.

Whether it comes down to comfort, insulation, or just the color, our unique swimming caps for women and men, can make hopping in the water a lot more enjoyable.

So go ahead and buy one of these swimming hair caps today itself!

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